from the chains of our egos!


This may sound absurd beyond measure, but what if the spiritual power that Jesus wielded, to heal the sick, to fashion eyes for the blind out of mud, to bring the recently dead back to life, to calm an angry sea and to walk on water were abilities that each of us could have once we were Liberated from our egos and spiritually transformed in the way that Jesus was transformed? And what if this knowledge and ability became universal, where every human on earth could become spiritually transformed, not in our current often violent personalities, but in an awakening of love and peacefulness. Surely this would represent a great evolutionary leap, and transform the entire planet in ways that we cannot even begin to imagine (and when the alternative is all out nuclear war, it doesn't sound like such a bad idea.)

Those who believe in the miracles of Jesus should not scoff at such an idea, because the Bible from which they know about His miracles also says, "...he that believeth in Me, the works that I do he shall do also; and greater works than these shall he do..." John 14:12.   Jesus is clearly telling us that the perfoming of miracles is not limited to Him but available to all.

The fact that we have not yet seen miracles of the caliber that Jesus performed does not invalidate the bible verse; it simply means that we haven't YET seen such miracles. It appears that there were some details in Jesus' teaching that the Disciples did not properly grasp and have not handed down. That may sound like blasphemy to some Christians, but how else can they explain John 14:12? The intent of this website is, through examining other human cultures, to try to locate some of those missing details from Jesus's teachings that might help all of us to become Liberated from our egos and allow us to see what happens next. It is a task that is both impossible and yet strangely plausible. We can say that it is crazy, and yet consider the context of the world in which we live, and crazy becomes an oddly relative term and we are left to decide which "crazy" we like better.

If we figure out how the missing pieces fit into the understanding of the puzzle that is us, and share this knowledge as broadly as possible then some of us, or maybe even one of us might make that heroes spiritual leap into the infinite and thus become transformed and capable of such miracles.

First though, let me digress a little bit and give you some personal background. Many years ago I was a religious skeptic, or it might be said that science was my religion. I firmly believed that there was always a scientific explanation to be had for all of those things that go bump in the night.

Then I experienced certain phenomena that tore apart the all encompassing nature of my scientific world view, and while I would have been strangely comforted to conclude that I had hallucinated or dreamed the things I experienced, there were others who experienced what I did and confirmed that I was not hallucinating. Suffice it to say that I now know why the Angels had to first tell the shepherds to not be afraid, before they could give them their glad tidings. When the foundations of one's perception of reality are shaken, it is enough to make a person soil themselves, but that is a tale for another time.

My experiences set me on a completely different path from the one I had expected to be traveling, and eventually led me with great good fortune to meet an old Sioux Indian Holy Man named Frank Fools Crow who was both a Medicine Man and a Ceremonial Chief of the Sioux Nation.

Picture of Chief Frank Fools Crow Chief Fools Crow invited me to come to South Dakota and stay with him in his house outside of Kyle on the Pine Ridge Reservation. I accepted his invitation and went because I wanted to learn as much as I could from that wise old man. Chief Fools Crow often knew things that there was no possible way that he could have known. One day when nobody had come by or visited for a very long time, speaking as if he had just received this information (he had no telephone and we had to drive five miles to pick up the mail) Chief Fools Crow said "Oh! There's a white lady in a red station wagon coming here and she is lost. You need to send her to the Porcupine Store." Looking out the window there was no sign of anyone coming, but within five minutes a red station wagon driven by a white lady pulled into the driveway. She had been going from Sioux City to Rapid City, and without knowing why or where she was going, she left the freeway and drove south on to the reservation. I gave her directions to the Porcupine Store and told her she would get help there. I've never heard from her again.

Chief Fools Crow also did things that could be called miracles and that modern science would say were impossible, and yet, the thing that was most impressive about him was his utter humility. He and several other Medicine people that I came to know were and are the humblest people I have ever met. The best way that I have heard it described is that they are like hollow bones, and where the rest of us have egos and desires, they are empty, and thus Creator's Holy Spirit can move through them to create miracles and heal people. Living among the Lakota people I was fortunate enough to witness a great many things that our scientists believe are beyond the realm of possibility, and now, for me, the existence of God no longer requires belief. For me, the existence of God is a known fact, and I have no doubt that miracles such as the Bible says that Jesus performed are perfectly possible. The universe and this existence are far and away more wonderful and amazing than our scientists will ever begin to guess.

In the years since I lived with Chief Fools Crow several people have told me that I should write a book about my experiences, but I was less interested in just sharing stories and anecdotes about those amazing Medicine people that I knew and still know, and more interested in figuring out and sharing the stories and knowledge of how someone could become that hollow bone in the service of God. That, I believe, is a story worth telling and knowledge worth sharing, and this website is intended to share that story and knowledge to the best of my poor ability and the time I am able to devote to this writing.

Many Paths

Once, when addressing a large crowd of non-native people, someone asked Chief Fools Crow (through his interpreter, Matthew King) how we should prepare for difficult times ahead. His answer was that we should pray. The next question was, “How should we pray?” His answer was, “However you believe, pray that way.”

One of the other medicine people gave a teaching that went something like this:

You know, our religions are like spokes on a wheel. They all come into the Sacred Center where Creator is, and when you are on one of those spokes, if you go away from the center, you become judgmental and worried about rules and details, whose interpretation and understanding of Scripture is True and accurate and whose is False and misguided, and who is Holy and who is Evil, and you had better hold on tight to your spoke, because you could spin off, but if you move into the center, you become more filled with compassion and love and less concerned with rules, dogma and sanctimony, and when you get close to the Center, you can clearly see all of those other spokes and their connection to the Sacred Center, and you can easily step from one spoke to the next without ever letting go of your own spoke because you recognize their connection to Creator's Good Spirit.

This great teaching seems connected to another complementary story, the story of the Blind Men and the Elephant. The first blind man feels the elephant's tusk and says “The elephant is like a spear.” The next blind man feels the elephant's leg and says “The elephant is like a tree trunk.” The third blind man touches the elephant's side and says “The elephant is like a wall.” The fourth grabs the tail and says “The elephant is like a rope.” Each blind man truly and accurately describes what they feel, and each is correct according to their experience, and yet if we really want to understand the nature of the elephant, we need to incorporate all of the different descriptions. Our sacred wheel with its many spokes has something we describe as “Transcendent” in the middle. We are all like the blind men, each with our portion of Truth. Let us combine our Truths so that we may better understand that Sacred Center as well as one another.

Stories and explanations on this website in addition to the teachings I received from Chief Fools Crow and many other medicine people may jump from spoke to spoke, making connections with the Sacred stories from many of the Sacred wisdom traditions in order to see further. The Truth must simply be seen from many different vantage points in order for us to really appreciate it properly. This has the added benefit of helping us to see the Truths in other wisdom traditions while recognizing their connection to our own tradition, and can thus help us to recognize our common connection to all humankind. If the relevant sacred stories from one of the wisdom traditions are not included, it is simply due to the limitations of the author's base of knowledge, and not a reflection on that wisdom tradition.

There is one spoke on our Sacred Wheel that deserves special mention, and that is the spoke of Science. Indeed, Science too, functions as a spoke on our wheel and has its Truths to share. There is an Islamic teaching about “The Two Sacred Books” where the “first Book” consists of the Holy Quran, the Holy Bible and the other sacred texts, and the “second Book” is the book of the world around us. Both were created by God and it cannot be a sin to study and understand either the Sacred Texts or the Sacred World and Universe that God created. It was thinking like this that allowed scientific knowledge in Islamic cultures to flourish at a time when Christendom was mired in what has been called the “Dark Ages.” It is surprising that Christianity has a sad tradition of hostility towards scientific understanding, given that one of the unique features of the Judaic creation story as compared to other religions of the time period is that God repeatedly proclaims that the new creation is Good. Science is not the enemy of the Truth. On the contrary, it gives us another very useful opportunity to gain a better grasp of the center of the wheel that the Lakota Sioux call “The Great Mystery” (another name for God.)

One might wonder: if Science is a spoke on the Great Wheel, then which end of the spoke leads to the Sacred Center? Perhaps it is both in the realm of quantum mechanics in which our normal understanding of the nature of physical reality becomes quite fluid and uncertain (relative to our everyday experience) and in the field of psychology in which Carl Rogers so eloquently teaches us love, compassion and understanding for those around us, and Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud teach us that we are only scratching the very surface of the understanding of our own human nature and the world around us.

If any of us are to transcend our own egos and become hollow bones through which Spirit may move, it will be of utmost importance that we gain a great deal of self-knowledge and come to terms with all aspects of our selves. The field of Psychology discusses Personality Theory, and this is a good thing to do, but the more difficult path that we may choose is to come to an understanding of these theories, not as something abstract, but rather as part of what we perceive when we look within ourselves. We must recognize and forgive ourselves for having a human nature that is flawed and forgive ourselves for those flaws. That is exceptionally hard and heroic work, and it holds the best possible promise for solving problems that might otherwise lead to our self-destruction.

The rest of this website contains links to writings designed to help a person to embrace the hero's journey and learn how to become that hollow bone through which the Holy Spirit may do its great work. I expect to add sections

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